Vegan Jalapeno Cheese Dip


World’s First Vegan Jalapeno Cheese Dip in Glass Packaging

  • “World’s First” Vegan Jalapeno Cheese Dip
  • Packed in Glass (Not in Cheap Plastic Jars)
  • Cholesterol, Gluten and Lactose-FREE
  • Can be used to make Pizzas, Burgers and Pasta
  • Can be enjoyed with Chips, Crackers, Sliced Veggies, Fries, Bread etc.


We usually ship the product on the next business day and it will be delivered generally within 5 – 7 business days.



We bring you the “World’s First” Vegan Jalapeno Cheese Dip. You can enjoy our Dip with Chips, Crackers, Sliced Veggies, Fries, Bread, or any other savoury of your choice. Packaged in Glass Jars to preserve our Planet (And not in Cheap and Harmful Plastic Jars). You can also prepare your favourite Burgers, Pizzas, and other recipes using our ‘Dip’ instead of your regular Cheese. Our dip is made with finely diced jalapenos for a zesty yet flavourful & mouth-watering taste. The Dip is Cholesterol, Gluten, and Lactose-FREE and is 100% Vegan (Obviously, DUH)!!


Storage Information:
Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration before opening is optional. Refrigerate after opening. Close the cap of the jar tightly after every use.